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Forums / Anxiety / when is it time to leave jobs and what can you do to hang on a bit longer

Topic: when is it time to leave jobs and what can you do to hang on a bit longer

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  1. car10001
    car10001 avatar
    23 posts
    10 May 2022


    not sure where to put this but want to ask following and hope someone can listen.

    because the place that am working at is for sale have decided to call it when it sells or the owners 60th whichever comes first because have goals that am wishing to follow at some point and starting to get a bit tired of the hospitality work and always working when events are on and missing out on so much because of it and feel that after 13 years its time to start planning the next move and think its better to plan at some point while you may be able to hang on just a bit longer.

    by the time the shop sells itll probably be 15 years in service and after that long and giving up your life its time to get out.

    what am wanting to do next is electrical test and tag and add antennas and emergency lights inspection and should be enough to get consistent 2-3 days a week work, plus may be able to take a few second hand things to sell at markets once in while as well.

    am looking into testers and need something for now just to get started but dont have much to spend to start off with so wondered wether basic one would be ok for now and upgrade later or should you try get the one you want from the start and is there a way to laybuy it online without afterpay like you would in a shop where the laybuy just gets cancelled if you dont or cant pay and money minus the laybuy fee gets returned to you.

    being in hospitality is wearing you down because you work every weekend and every events and every holidays and you just want to go to some events and/or meet people but cant because youre always working and it wears you down and am tired and had enough and have goals and want to follow them while am still able to.

    the food industry work is already hard work and has gotten harder in last couple years and will probably never be same plus it isnt meant to be a forever thing but instead be a stop gap for uni students or to just have a job while you work towards what you want.

    what could you do to try and hang on a bit longer until you can get out.

    you dont always have to leave on bad terms, sometimes you have goals that you want to reach

  2. sbella02
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    sbella02 avatar
    245 posts
    11 May 2022 in reply to car10001

    Hey Car10001,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree, sometimes you simply have goals that you'd like to reach and while your job may have served you well in the past, it's okay to seek other roles and opportunities in pursuit of something bigger and more suited to you.

    Hospitality can be incredibly draining, I understand. My first job was in hospitality, and it really consumes all your energy, and the demands in terms of working weekends and holidays can be quite taxing.

    What I would recommend is sitting down with yourself and identifying exactly where it is you'd like to go next, and how you may be able to get there. If there are any pre-requisites, what you would need to do to apply, perhaps even looking into a few potential organisations that could employ you. If you feel comfortable, you could even seek the guidance of a careers counsellor to help you out. You could also try having a chat to people who are already in the industry to get some insight into what your new role might be like, what would be expected of you etc.

    From experience, it helps having another job to go straight to when you quit your current one, otherwise there's so much stress that comes with being between jobs.

    There are several things that you may be able to do to with your current job to ease you into a different career path. Perhaps, if possible, you could try relaxing your hours and taking on a few less shifts. You could even try rewarding yourself for different achievements within your current role, for example "if I do X a certain number of times, I will reward myself with Y".

    I hope this helps, feel free to keep chatting with us some more if you'd like, we're here to support you.

    All the best, SB

  3. Bob_22
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    Bob_22 avatar
    43 posts
    24 May 2022 in reply to sbella02

    Hi Car10001,

    Great to hear that you've noticed the toll that work has taken on you. It can be very easy to succumb to burnout even if you've been in the job for 15 years like you have. I think sbella02 has made some great points and they say its certainly much easier to find work if you are already working.

    If you do feel that ultimately your job is getting between you and your dreams then it is perfectly acceptable to reduce hours, take leave or resign. No bridges need to be necessarily be burned if you're open with your manager. I know hospitality management can be quite ruthless but if you feel work is taking a toll on your overall health then you should do whats best for you. Hope that helps.


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