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  1. 11 Jun 2015
    Thank you, Australia. What a journey. Over the past 15 months, we’ve travelled the length and breadth of this country. Clocking up 53,000km as we roamed through remote and rural townships, regional centres and capital cities – meeting as many people as possible and covering as much ground as our 10-tonne, 35-year-old school bus would allow in 460 days!
  2. 12 Mar 2015
    The Roadshow is a revelation. I’ve had conversations I will never forget. At a Men’s Shed I hear about types of stigma that have disappeared in two generations and I’m hopeful we will all work successfully to banish more in our lifetime.
  3. 24 Feb 2015
    2015 is the year for prioritising good mental health. Since we hit the road again in early January, we’ve been asking people to think about what keeps them well and encouraging them to make a mental health pledge – a personal commitment to help them achieve their best mental health.
  4. 19 Dec 2014
    It has been an incredible year traversing this big beautiful country in our blue bus. With over 40,000km on the odometer and having attended 307 events in 186 different communities, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to chat with tens of thousands of people across Australia. We have heard stories of extreme hardship, and we have been inspired by the courage and resilience of countless people.
  5. 09 Dec 2014
    Standing on the peaceful edge of the Macleay River in Kempsey, I had a duty to ask the local kids what the swimming is like. The response? “You don’t want to go in there – there’s a big shark that lives under the jetty!” Whoa – ok – not sure if they were stringing the out-of-towner a classic line… However, it’s a good metaphor for why Beyond Blue was in town.
  6. 12 Nov 2014
    Nadir* is from Afghanistan. In 2012, he fled his country fearing for his life. He arrived in Australia seeking asylum; a new start. A life without fear. He knew no one when he arrived. Back home, he had a university degree. A job. A family and friends – some of them became casualties of the 13-year conflict that has claimed at least 21,000 civilian lives. He told me he didn’t want to leave his home, his country, but how can you stay when faced with death?
  7. 15 Oct 2014
    What do you say to the woman who tells you she lost her husband to suicide 12 months ago, and who now fears for her kids? What do you say to the man who discloses he was abused over 50 years ago and has lived with the trauma ever since? What do you say to the young person who was born into a male body but lets you know that he has come to the realisation that he is female, and wants to connect with others who feel the same way? What do you say to the woman who expresses her frustration at the lack of knowledge about depression and interest in her recovery of her long time GP?
  8. 06 Oct 2014
    Many of the challenges facing Rockhampton, Central Queensland – or ‘Rocky’, as it’s affectionately known – reflect those of regional towns across Australia. The resources boom that has swept some families to prosperity but inflated prices beyond the reach of others. The fly-in-fly-out workers on gas fields and mines spending weeks away from loved ones. The regular flooding that swamps properties and destroys livelihoods.
  9. 23 Sep 2014
    You would be amazed at how technical people can be about counting jellybeans. The jar of blue beans that stood proudly on the Beyond Blue Roadshow table throughout the Westech Field Days in Barcaldine, a town in Central West Queensland, was subject to all kinds of inspections as part of a classic competition to guess the number of beans in the jar, to win the lot.
  10. 03 Sep 2014
    Growing up in Tassie I had an expectation I would be able to empathise with the challenges of life in the Far West – I remember the feeling of jealousy when the “mainland” got all the attention while we were figuratively, and sometimes literally, left off the map. And while one particular gentleman swore to me that N.S.W. stands for “Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong”, there’s a lot more going on out here than just envy for the arguably better resourced city folk.

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