Research projects

Chinese MoodGYM Project

Principal researchers

Professor Helen Christensen


Australian National University
Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center
Massachusetts General Hospital



Award type

beyondblue E-Health Research and Development

Project completion year


Project brief

The Chinese MoodGYM Project is a three-way collaboration between the Australian National University, the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center and Massachusetts General Hospital to produce a Simplified Chinese version of MoodGYM.

People and organisations involved in the Project

The translation of MoodGYM into simplified Chinese was contributed by the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center. Academic and managerial supervision of the Chinese translation work and input were contributed by Dr Liuyan Li.

The Chinese translation was proofread by Dr Xianyun Li at the Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center in China, and Dr Albert Yeung at the Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, USA).

Creation of translated images and flash animations, and production of the translated website was undertaken by the Centre for Mental Health Research (CMHR) at the Australian National University. Project staff at CMHR included Mr Anthony Bennett, Ms Kylie Bennett, and Ms Ada Tam. Academic input was also provided by Professors Kathy Griffiths (current CMHR Director) and Helen Christensen (former CMHR Director).


MoodGYM is an interactive program based on cognitive behaviour therapy and teaches strategies for preventing and coping with depression. It consists of five modules, anxiety and depression assessments with tailored feedback, downloadable relaxation audio, flash diagrams and online interactive exercises. MoodGYM is available free of charge to the public and has over 500,000 registered users worldwide.

The Chinese MoodGYM Project was designed to translate the English text in the MoodGYM website into Simplified Chinese and to ensure that the content is culturally and therapeutically appropriate for Chinese users. This Project would allow current and future users of MoodGYM to be able to select Simplified Chinese as a language option when viewing MoodGYM content.

The project was managed by ehub staff from the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.

The MoodGYM content was translated from English into Chinese by the Suicide Research and Prevention Centre via the software interface provided by ANU. Where appropriate, the content was changed by the Suicide Research and Prevention Centre to adjust for cultural factors. This component of the project proved challenging, involved multiple iterations, and required substantially longer than originally envisaged, thereby delaying the deployment of the Chinese version of the program.

ANU's web development staff provided close technical support and guidance to the Suicide Research and Prevention Centre throughout the translation process. The development staff also reconstructed and incorporated translated text into the MoodGYM graphics and Flash files, and implemented the final revisions to page content.

Consistent with aims of the project, the final version of Chinese MoodGYM was soft-launched on 18th July, 2012. The program is run on ANU's servers and is now accessible at no cost to Chinese speakers in Australia and internationally.


MoodGYM can be accessed at

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