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Men’s Help Seeking Behaviour

Principal researchers

Dr. Vicki Arbes, CEO


Hall & Partners | Open Mind


Department of Health and Ageing, Taking Action to Tackle Suicide funding

Award type

Request for Tender

Project completion year


Project brief 

Beyond Blue has been engaged by the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing to develop and implement national mental health initiatives for men, as part of its Mental Health: taking action to tackle suicide in 2010 election commitment and the Commonwealth response to The Hidden Toll, Suicide in Australia, Report of the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee.

Beyond Blue is seeking to build on its knowledge about men’s behaviours and the influences which may cause them to seek or not seek out information and help about depression and anxiety.  

The outcomes of this research will inform the development of a future multi-platform national campaign to encourage help seeking behaviour in men by increasing calls by men (or about men) to the Beyond Blue Info Line and through increased visits to the Beyond Blue website (or associated campaign site).  

The objectives of this research project are to identify, through qualitative means: 

  • the barriers impacting on men’s help seeking
  • the factors which would facilitate men’s help seeking
  • specific enabling strategies to men seeking help
  • any other information which could help inform the design and approach of a future national campaign.
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