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Mindfulness interventions for men with prostate cancer and their partners

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Principal researchers

Professor Suzanne Chambers


Cancer Council Queensland



Award type

Beyond Blue grant

Project completion year


Project brief

This project piloted a mindfulness group intervention ‘Living with Advanced Prostate Cancer’ for men with advanced prostate cancer.  The research asked if mindfulness groups were acceptable to men with advanced prostate cancer with regards to uptake, satisfaction and support care needs.  It also investigated what psychological benefits were experienced from attending groups. 

This project led to a successful NHMRC grant for a national pilot of this approach to prove both feasibility and effectiveness that commenced in 2012. The results of this study were also published to communicate the researchers’ experience with others. Finally, these programs are also now offered by the Cancer Council Queensland more broadly in Queensland to men with advanced prostate cancer.



Chambers SK. Foley, E. Galt, E. Ferguson, M. & Clutton, S. Mindfulness Groups for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer: Feasibility, Effectiveness and the Role of Peer Support. 27 May 2011. Supportive Care in Cancer 20(6) 1183-1192. doi: 10.1007/s00520-011-1195-8 (IF 2.058).


Chambers SK, Smith D, Berry M, Lepore S, Foley B, Occhipinti S, Frydenberg M, & Gardiner RA. A randomised trial of a mindfulness intervention for men with advanced prostate cancer. 2012-2014. NHMRC $706,232. APP1024989.

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