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Stop.Think.Respect campaign

Principal researchers

Dr. Claudia Amonini, (Principal)
Huw Hepworth, (Account Director)
Sally Braidwood, (Account Manager)


Painted Dog Research


The Movember Foundation

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Project completion year      

October 2013

Project brief  

The Stop.Think.Respect campaign launched nationally in September 2012, following its development in conjunction with a number of key stakeholders across multiple sectors.

There were two components to the campaign:

  • Advertising that used the analogy of discrimination against the left-handed in order to bring to light the discrimination that LGBTI people suffer from – this component was aimed at the broader Australian public in general, and at teenage boys in particular
  • Six real-life stories from LGBTI people about how discrimination has impacted on their mental health and their journey towards recovery.

 The aims of the campaign were to:

  • prompt the broader Australian community (particularly teenage boys) to question their own attitudes and behaviours towards LGBTI people
  • promote acceptance of diversity among same sex groups.
  • raise awareness of depression and anxiety among LGBTI communities
  • encourage more conversations and help-seeking behaviour for depression and anxiety among same and/or both sex attracted, sex and/or gender diverse people.

 In summary, the evaluation found that:

  • overall campaign exposure was high – over 3.2 million people were reached through the campaign’s Facebook marketing and over 500,000 people viewed the Left-Handed clip on YouTube.
  • remembering the campaign was associated with non-discriminatory attitudes and an understanding of the breadth of discrimination.
  • main messages received were anti-discrimination messages – over eight out of 10 Australians recognise that discrimination is an issue and that can be harmful to health.

It was also recognised by over eight out of ten Australians that discrimination can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and people withdrawing from social events.    



Stop.Think.Respect campaign evaluation (summary report)

Stop.Think.Respect campaign evaluation (full report)

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