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Suicide Prevention Research and Campaign

In February 2018, Beyond Blue released findings of a national research into suicide prevention, which found everyday Australians want to help family and friends at risk of suicide, but are unsure how to identify and respond to the warning signs.

The research was commissioned by Beyond Blue and completed by the University of Melbourne and Whereto, Research Based Consulting, with the aim of understanding what advice can be given to the public to increase the likelihood that they will ask about and support someone who may be at risk of suicide to stay safe and get the help they need. The research provides vital new information about public perceptions of suicide and their ability or willingness to respond to suicide risk. The unique findings and key recommendations provide a clear indication of what is useful, what is not and address some common myths that still exist around suicide prevention. The evidence generated by the research will inform future public communication and policy development across the sector to reduce suicide.

Download the full report.

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