Event ideas

While you can be as creative as you'd like with your beyondblue Bash, there are a few simple activities guaranteed to engage your community and raise funds. 

Host a community BBQ, or a morning or afternoon tea 

Enlist members of your community group or friends and family to help cook up a community BBQ, or a morning or afternoon tea. You can charge a gold coin donation (or maybe even a blue note!) for a serve of sweet or savoury delights. If you’re part of a community group, there might be an existing community event or activity to tap into. If not, find a suitable location with good foot traffic (e.g. a shopping centre or the main street) and make sure you seek any necessary permissions from local council or businesses. You’ll also need to abide by the food safety standards and regulations in your state or territory. 

Organise a movie night

Approach your local cinema to see if they’d be willing to support a beyondblue Bash movie night. You might be able to negotiate a free or discounted ticket rate to help maximise the amount your event raises. $10 tickets to a popular new movie should be snapped up in no time if you can get the word out to your community!  

Host a games or trivia night

Whether it’s traditional pub trivia or a round-robin challenge of board games, a modest entry fee is all that’s needed to let the games begin! 

Organise a dinner or gala event

You might want to tackle planning a larger beyondblue Bash event, such as a dinner or gala evening. These types of events generally require lots of planning and multiple decisions around venues, catering, ticketing and RSVPs, promotion, entertainment etc. It's a good idea to form a committee of helpers and allow plenty of time to check off all the requirements and details involved.         

Hold a raffle

As an added fundraising element to any of the above activities, send a request out to your networks and local businesses to see if they can donate goods or services to raffle. Generally if the goods or services are under a certain value you won't require a permit, however different laws apply in different areas and it's always worth checking with the gaming authority in your state or territory. 

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