Whether you’re a seasoned school fundraiser or giving it a go for the first time, we've got all the info you need to host a beyondblue Bash at school. If you’re a student, don't forget to ask your teachers’ permission before you start planning!

Download your beyondblue Bash School Host Kit or read our tips below. 

Set a date

You can host a beyondblue Bash at any time, just make sure the date works for your teacher, class or school and you have all the relevant approvals. Give yourself enough time to organise your event – you might want to recruit some volunteers to help with planning. 

Choose your activity

There are loads of different fundraising activity ideas and you might already have one in mind. Often the simple events are the most successful – take a look at our event ideas.

Register your event

Once you've set a date and chosen your activity, register your event.

Customise your webpage

Your beyondblue Bash fundraising page is the ideal place to promote your event and collect donations. Take a few moments to customise it by adding a class photo (or your school logo), listing the details of your event and setting a fundraising goal. 

Invite people

If it's a whole of school event, ask if you can stick up posters, include details in your school newsletter or post to your school's Facebook page (if there is one). You can include the link to your beyondblue Bash page to encourage donations.

Download or order resources

We've developed posters, invitations, donation boxes, thank you certificates and template letters/emails to help support your event. Take a look at our resources pageYou can also order Youthbeyondblue brochures, flipper cards and blue wristbands to have available at your event. Simply register as an event organiser at 

Use social media

If your school has social media channels you can use to promote your beyondblue Bash – great! If not, and if you're old enough, you might want to use your own accounts. Post photos and include the hashtag #beyondbluebash you can tag @beyondblueofficial on Instagram and @beyondblue on Twitter and Facebook.   

Send a reminder

Ask teachers to remind their classes of your beyondblue Bash in the days leading up to the event. You might even ask your Principal to announce it at school assembly or over the PA system.

Money matters

Donations made on your fundraising page will automatically generate tax receipts. If you are expecting cash donations at your event, you can download a donor receipt form so people have the option to receive a receipt (for donations over $2). There are a number of options for banking cash donations. 

Say thanks!

You can download certificates to thank your school mates and anyone else whose generous efforts contributed to the success of your event.

Add it to the calendar

Hopefully your event is such a success that your school is excited to schedule in and support another beyondblue Bash!  

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