Event ideas

While you can be as creative as you'd like with your beyondblue Bash, there are a few simple activities guaranteed to engage your teammates and club supporters and raise funds. 

Host a beyondblue Bash Cup

Dedicate a game to ‘going blue’ for beyondblue and encourage gold coin donations from spectators and players. You can incorporate something blue into your uniform or have our special ‘Proudly supporting beyondblue’ logo screen printed for the round. Don't forget the umpires and opposition might want to get involved too! We'd love to see snaps of the day, you can hashtag #beyondbluebash 

After match function

Encourage your club supporters and/or wider community to attend your beyondblue Bash post-match function. It might be a good old fashioned barbecue, spit roast or buffet, with proceeds to beyondblue.  

Auction off your players

If you have multi-talented players on your team, make the most of their special skills with a goods and services auction. Auctioning the wares of tradies, good cooks, gardeners, or generally handy or crafty people can create an entertaining bidding war! 

Hold a raffle

As an added fundraising element, send a request out to local businesses to see if they can donate goods or services to raffle. Take a look at our request for support template. Generally if the goods or services are under a certain value you won't require a permit, however different laws apply in different areas and it's always worth checking with the gaming authority in your state or territory. 

Canteen proceeds

Ask if the canteen proceeds from the day of your beyondblue Bash could be donated by the club, or if special items such as blue icy poles or cupcakes could be sold.   

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