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We’ve designed this section to help make your beyondblue Bash a smashing success and turn you into a Fundraising Legend! Below you will find our Top 10 Tips, information about media, publicity and branding, and resources to download.

Top 10 Tips for your beyondblue Bash 

1. Keep it simple

We want you to have fun hosting your beyondblue Bash. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective – check out some tried and true event ideas under the 'Event ideas' section for your workplace, school, community group or sporting club. You can also see what other Fundraising Legends are up to on social media (at the bottom of our homepage) or by searching for #beyondblueBash on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

2. Customise your webpage

Your friends, family and workmates are donating in support of you, so make sure you add a profile picture and some text to let them know it’s your page. It only takes a couple of minutes and can make a big difference to your fundraising goal!

3. Share your story

If you’re comfortable to let people know why you’ve chosen to support beyondblue, include this in the ‘My Story’ section of your fundraising page. This gives a personal touch to your page and encourages people to support your event, even if they can’t attend.

If you have been motivated to support beyondblue due to another person’s experience of depression, anxiety or suicide and wish to share a story in which that person will be easily identifiable, you must seek permission from the individual or next of kin first. Some people may not want their experience made public. It is important to consider the impact and respect the wishes of others affected by the same story as you. 

4. Lead by example

Get the ball rolling on your fundraising page by making the first donation. This will also show people how committed you are to supporting beyondblue.

5. Call for back-up

Ask a colleague, friend or family member to assist with your event planning. Sharing the load will make organising your beyondblue Bash much easier and more enjoyable.

6. Don’t be afraid

We know it can be a little daunting asking individuals or businesses to support your event, which is why we have developed some templates to help you get started – find them further down this page under 'Free resources'. You might prefer to get on the phone, or send emails, or put the call out on social media. You’ll probably be surprised by the number of people willing to help! 

7. Have a chat about donations

Put it in simple terms – ask your supporters to donate the price of their daily coffee for a day, a week or a month if they’re feeling extra generous! Remind them that their donation is tax deductible (over $2) and will help to make a real difference.

8. Post progress updates

Keep your supporters in the loop. If you’ve snared a generous raffle prize or your local butcher offers to donate a few snags for the barbie, let people know! Give a thank you shout out on your beyondblue Bash page or share it on your social media channels.  

9. Send a reminder

As your beyondblue Bash approaches, send out a reminder email, Facebook post or text message to help gauge attendance and inform supporters of any other important details. 

10. Don’t stress!

Organising and hosting an event can be a hectic time. Good planning and a can-do attitude will help, and remember – we’re here to assist! If you have any questions please get in touch at

Media,  publicity and branding

If you’re hosting a beyondblue Bash that is open to the community, you might choose to contact local radio stations and newspapers to try and promote your event further. The more unusual the event, the more likely the media is to be interested. For tips and advice, please download our media tips and media alert template below.

beyondblue reserves the right to approve any media alert, artwork, use of logo, activity description or wording about beyondblue before it is publicly distributed. The ‘Proudly supporting beyondblue’ logo can be supplied for use on any additional promotional materials you might require. If you’re unsure about what to include in promotional material, please call our Fundraising Team on (03) 9810 6100 or send through draft artwork or text to (Please allow 48 hours for approval.)

Please note that beyondblue is always written as one word, lower case and in italics.

Free resources 

To support your beyondblue Bash, please feel free to download any of the following resources.

Donation boxes are also available on request. Simply chat to your beyondblue fundraising co-ordinator after you've registered your event. 

beyondblue also has free brochures, wallet cards and wristbands to help raise awareness of depression and anxiety and encourage people to seek support. If you would like to have some of these materials available at your beyondblue Bash, please register as an event organiser to download or order here.

Remember, if you have any questions you can get in touch with us at

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