Adding date of birth and postcode details to your profile

From September 2014, all new and existing members of Beyond Blue’s online communities will be required to provide their date of birth and a valid Australian postcode as part of their account information. This includes our online forums on the Beyond Blue, Youth Beyond Blue and Healthy Families websites.

Why do I have to provide this information?

The primary reason we collect this information is to keep you, our community members, safe. There may be times where your posts indicate you are experiencing a level of distress - in extreme cases, we may need to intervene and contact emergency services or mental health crisis assessment teams. In these rare instances, your date of birth and post code can help response teams to identify and locate you. For this reason, we ask that you supply your home postcode, or the one you are most likely to post from.

Because of this duty of care, our forums are only open to Australian-based members. If you live outside Australia, you can access and read forum posts, but will not be able to respond.      

Beyond Blue collects and stores all of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. View our Privacy Policy