Beyond Blue has launched the second phase of its national anxiety campaign, Know When Anxiety is Talking.

The campaign aims to promote a better understanding of anxiety as a common mental health condition, as well as challenge common misconceptions surrounding these conditions. It highlights early recognition of the symptoms, and encourages people to take action to manage their anxiety.

This next phase of the campaign focuses on the stigma related to anxiety, including perceived stigma, that stops people getting support. A snapshot survey we commissioned in the lead up to the campaign shows a discrepancy between perceived and actual levels of stigma in the community towards people with anxiety i.e. that people in Australia are more accepting of anxiety conditions than many believe.

For this reason, the 2018 campaign tagline is “what you’re thinking isn’t what they’re thinking”, with the intention of bringing perceptions in line with reality.

It can take years for someone to recognise that what they’re experiencing has a name. It can take even longer for someone to seek support due to a common misconception that others see their anxiety as a sign of personal weakness or something to just ‘snap out of’.

Our survey tells us, however, that when it comes to anxiety, people are far more understanding than many with these conditions think. We want people to know that reaching out for support shouldn’t be a source of shame because the stigma isn’t as bad as you might expect.

The first step is knowing when anxiety is talking to you. Our Anxiety Checklist is designed to help people better understand whether what they are experiencing is anxiety.

The sooner people recognise their anxiety and seek support, the sooner they can manage it and live a life beyond anxiety.

How you can support Beyond Blue

Our success in supporting people experiencing anxiety will depend on how many people in Australia see and interact with the campaign. We appreciate your support in helping us share the campaign messages, and start conversations about anxiety. 

Key Messages

  • Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia.
  • Over 85% of people in Australia believe that anxiety is not a sign of personal weakness, is not something you can just ‘snap out of’, and is a real medical condition.
  • Everyone feels anxious at times, but when symptoms are intense, persistent, and interfere with life, it becomes an anxiety condition. The good news - there is hope and treatments that work.
  • The Beyond Blue website is packed with resources to learn more about anxiety, complete the Anxiety Checklist, and discover how to get support today for yourself or someone you know. 

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