Fundraising guidelines

  1. I understand that all fundraising activities must align with beyondblue’s values and beyondblue reserves the right to reject any fundraising activity or donation based on misapplication of its values.
  2. I confirm that by submitting this Proposal to Fundraise, I am acting on behalf of and with the authority and power to bind those individuals and companies named as the Community Fundraiser.
  3. I confirm that my proposed fundraising activity complies with all relevant legislative and local government requirements and that all appropriate permits, licenses and insurance for fundraising in the state and/or territory where the activity is to be held will or have been obtained.
  4. I will not exploit the position as a Community Fundraiser and/or the association with beyondblue for personal gain.
  5. I agree that all personal and sensitive information associated with the proposed fundraising activity will be handled in accordance with all relevant privacy legislation.
  6. I confirm that any fundraising activity costs shall at all times be held to a percentage of revenue which is generally acceptable within the not-for-profit sector and by the public. 
  7. I will ensure that financial and activity reports are made available to the public, including the amounts raised, how it was spent and the net proportion donated to beyondblue.
  8. I confirm that any monies raised or donated during the fundraising activity will be used for the stated purpose for which they were raised and within any specified timeframe.
  9. I agree to seek permission to use the beyondblue name or logo on materials relating to the fundraising activity.
  10. I agree not to align beyondblue with any pharmaceutical or tobacco organisations in relation to the fundraising activity.
  11. I give consent for photographs or other information I provide from the event to be published online or in publications by beyondblue.

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