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Calling all Men! Share your story in Beyond Blue's new campaign

17 March 2013
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Male blueVoices members aged between 18 and 54 are invited to register their interest in featuring in Beyond Blue's new men's campaign. 

The Campaign

In June, Beyond Blue will be launching a significant new campaign to encourage men to take action against depression and anxiety through reducing stigma and other barriers to seeking support. The campaign will be promoted through a variety of means including television, radio, outdoor advertising and digital advertising.

The campaign centres around a fictional ‘Doctor’ character who is irreverent, humorous and dedicated to men talking to men about man things, including mental health.  The character is a combination of your best mate, the best Uncle you never had and the down to earth, no nonsense medical professional most of us would love to find.  It is an exciting campaign, with nothing like it previously seen in Australia!

Stories from real people who have taken action on depression and anxiety (or helped a loved one to do so) will be a vital part of the campaign website (they will not feature in other campaign promotions).  Real experiences break down stigma by showing that others face similar challenges and how much better life can be after taking action and taking charge.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed

Thank you for your interest in this campaign. 

What's the latest?

We were pleased to launch the Man Therapy campaign on Wednesday 5th June at Parliament House, Canberra. 

The Man Therapy campaign is the first of its kind in Australia and urges men to take action on depression and anxiety while reminding them that a real man looks out for his mates.

Read more about the campaign in our Media Release or visit

Thanks to blueVoices

Thank you to all the blueVoices members who assisted with this campaign by sharing experiences and offering to tell their story. 

Make sure you stop past the Man Therapy website and have a look at our five courageous blueVoices members and Beyond Blue Ambassador who shared their personal journeys in the campaign's Tales of Triumph

Well done men!

Show your support

If you would like to support the Man Therapy campaign you can do any or all of the following things:

  • On Facebook head to and click ‘share’ on the relevant post, or update your status by linking to and writing a few words of your own.
  • On Twitter you can head to and either retweet on of our updates or write your own message using the #ManTherapyAus hashtag
  • Follow the hilarious star of Man Therapy, Dr Brian Ironwood on Twitter at and tell him what you think of the campaign via @DrBrianIronwood
  • Or just simply talk to your friends about the campaign and tell the men in your life to get some Man Therapy!


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