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Assist in the development of a new GLBTI community resource

3 June 2013
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We are inviting blueVoices members who identify as same or both sex attracted, intersex, trans or gender diverse to participate in the development of a new resource for families.

An Advisory Group is being established by Beyond Blue to assist with the development of a new national resource. This resource will provide families with support in understanding and embracing diversity in gender, sex and sexuality, information to de-stigmatise same and both sex attraction, intersex, trans and gender diversity and links to further support. The resource will also provide families with tangible advice about how to support young GLBTI people through building resilience and providing an inclusive environment.

The role of the Advisory Group is to provide guidance and advice to Beyond Blue concerning the development and dissemination of the resource. The Advisory Group consists of representatives from Beyond Blue, community organisations, and blueVoices members.

Activity Results

Thank you for your interest in this project

This opportunity has now closed and the Advisory Group is underway. 

We do appreciate your interest and will keep blueVoices members informed of our progress in this area. 

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