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5 August 2013
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The launch of the Beyond Blue website in April this year saw a new focus on our online forums:  a place where anyone across Australia can share their experiences of depression, anxiety or a related disorder.

By connecting with others in the online community we hope people will find encouragement and support, wherever they may be on their personal journey.  This support comes from other members of the forum who take the time to read and reply, assuring the author of the post that they are being listened to and there is hope. Beyond Blue’s moderators play an important role behind the scenes, ensuring that members get the necessary help they need – but the support of other members who have lived through depression and anxiety is invaluable.

We are inviting all blueVoices members to play a vital role in growing the online community and providing support and encouragement to those who share their experiences or reach out to others for advice.

If you can spare some time to share your own experiences and respond to others we encourage you to join Beyond Blue’s online community and participate in the forum discussions.

Who can take part?

Anyone, of any age or background and with any experience can take part and has a valuable role to play in growing the community and providing support to others by sharing their own story.

You can choose the space or spaces you are most interested in:

      • The Beyond Blue Online Forums are for everyone and there are a range 
        of different discussion topics which you can participate in

      • Joining the online community will also give blueVoices members access to 
        the blueVoices Forum where you can share your experiences of
        speaking publicly about your story, taking part in mental health advocacy,
        tackling stigma and other topics.

      • If you are a man aged 55 or over, you may also like to take part in
        The Shed Online community. The Shed Online recreates the atmosphere
        of a physical men’s shed – a safe and supportive space where men come
        together to discuss and exchange information on a range of topics (not just
        health information, but anything you may find interesting!).

......feel free to visit and take a look around! 

We hope that many blueVoices members will choose to also become members of our online community and, through your experiences, provide support and encouragement to others. 

Thank you!

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