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2 October 2013
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Beyond Blue is committed to increasing awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety in Australian workplaces and reducing the associated stigma. A key part of Beyond Blue's work involves promoting the real experiences of people who have experienced depression and/or anxiety.

Beyond Blue's Workplace and Workforce (W&W) program is now developing a number of new videos to provide workplaces and workers with real stories of people with depression and/or anxiety in the workplace.  These personal experiences provide a first-hand look into the challenges which people may face managing and recovering from depression and anxiety.

Personal stories of workers with depression and anxiety can:
• raise awareness of depression and anxiety, and their impact in the workplace
• reduce stigma
• highlight the benefits of appropriate supports in the workplace
• assist others to understand effective ways to approach a colleague/workmate who is showing signs of depression or anxiety
• demonstrate that workers can successfully manage their mental health condition, reduce its impact on their work, recover and stay well.

The six filmed stories will be uploaded to the Beyond Blue website, and Beyond Blue's YouTube site. Extracts will also be used in future online workplace learning resources accessible via the Beyond Blue website. Aspects of the personal experiences may also be used in other Beyond Blue online and printed resources, at the discretion of Beyond Blue.

Other examples of existing Beyond Blue personal story videos focusing on the workplace can be found here:
• Building strong foundations – The stories of Scott, Tom, Rhett and Nick

Share your story

Beyond Blue is inviting people with a personal experience of depression and/or anxiety relating to the workplace to express interest in taking part in a filmed interview telling their story. 

We want to hear about your experiences, both good and bad. We are particularly interested in the lessons you have learned so that your story will assist others facing similar situations and educate employers on how they can better support staff who are experiencing depression and/or anxiety.

We would like to hear from people who:
• have a personal experience of depression or anxiety relating to the workplace
• work in a range of industries, particularly:
 -  retail/sales
 -  telecommunications
 -  transport or warehousing
 -  emergency services (e.g. police, ambulance, SES)
 -  mining
• have disclosed their depression or anxiety in their current workplace (i.e. have told managers and/or workmates about their diagnosis)
• are willing to share their story on film.

If you are selected to be filmed sharing your personal experience, Beyond Blue will provide you with support prior to, during and after the interview. You may choose not to have your real name used alongside the video if you wish.

What does participation involve?

The personal experience video will follow a structured interview process conducted by Beyond Blue staff with expertise interviewing people with a mental health condition. Filming of the videos will take place in October-November 2013 (dates and times to be confirmed).

If you feel comfortable, your story will be filmed in your workplace (the name of the workplace does not have to be shown). Otherwise, filming will take place in a neutral location. Beyond Blue will cover any related travel expenses.

We acknowledge that sharing a personal story publicly can be confronting. It is possible that you may experience unexpected feelings or reactions, both personally and from others who see your filmed story. We encourage you to reflect on this, and consider any implications of sharing your name, circumstances or story as part of this project.

The W&W team at Beyond Blue are happy to answer questions or discuss any concerns you may have at any time prior, during or after taking part in filming.

How to take part

If you are interested in taking part in this project please complete the Expression of Interest form below. 

Please submit your Expression of Interest by 2 October 2013.

We are also looking for stories from different perspectives, so if you think someone in your current or a past workplace may also be interested in sharing their experience, please talk to them about their willingness to do so and pass on this email.

After the closing date the W&W team at Beyond Blue will review all Expressions of Interest received and may then contact you to have a conversation about your story.

If you have any questions please contact Rene Hahn, Beyond Blue E-learning Project Manager, by phoning (03) 9810 6100 or emailing

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