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Parents and guardians - how do you talk to young people about mental health?

4 December 2013
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Beyond Blue is beginning a new project to help people talk about mental health issues across a range of situations – including how parents and guardians can talk to young people they are worried about.

We’re calling this the ‘Having the conversation’ project and for this stage we're looking for parents and guardians of young people who have experienced depression or anxiety to assist with its development (we’re also doing a separate survey with young people themselves).

We know that these are not always easy conversations to have. So hearing about your experiences will guide the development of this practical resource. We want you to tell us what’s been difficult, and what’s been helpful, when you've talked to a young person about their experience of depression and/or anxiety.

How to help

If you’d like to help, please take the time to complete a quick survey telling us about your experiences of talking to a young person about their mental health.

We’ll also ask about your thoughts on what information we should provide to help other parents and guardians have effective and helpful conversations with young people.

This is a brief survey and should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Although your responses to this survey will be provided to the project team, no identifying information will be shared. We collect your name in the survey so that we can contact you if we have further questions for you. 


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