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Help encourage others to access the Beyond Blue Support Service

5 May 2014
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Did you know that the Beyond Blue Support Service is free to access and available to to provide support for all Australians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where they live?

Did you know that Support Service staff are trained mental health professionals and are available to talk to callers about any issue, no matter how big or small someone might think their concerns are?

Many people in the community don't realise that the Beyond Blue Support Service is there for them, when and how they need it.

We want everyone to know that if they would like to talk to someone about their worries, want information about depression and anxiety or are looking for a mental health professional in their area, the Beyond Blue Support Service is available to them.

Can you help?

We are currently developing some video resources which explain how the support service can help and how to access it, to hopefully encourage more people to reach out for support when they need it.

To help develop the content for these videos and other promotions, we'd like to hear how blueVoices members think that calling the Support Service might help in times of need.

We're inviting you to share your personal experience with calling the Beyond Blue Support Service and/or your thoughts on how the support service might be helpful.

All the information provided by blueVoices members will help inform the content of the promotional video. We may also select a quote from your feedback to include in the video or other resources (displaying your first name and age only).

There is also the potential for a few blueVoices members to participate in a filmed interview about the support service. You can tell us if you would like to be considered for that when you complete the survey questions.

How to take part

To share your thoughts on the Beyond Blue Support Service, please tell us about yourself and complete the questions below before Monday 5 May.

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