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Innovation workshop for workplace mental health

28 January 2015
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Beyond Blue has engaged research and design specialists Symplicit, to run an innovation workshop about mental health in the workplace. The purpose of this workshop is to find new ways to positively impact poor mental health in the workplace and develop solutions to common issues facing workplaces and their employees.

This is a unique opportunity for blueVoices members with personal experience of mental health in the workplace to provide their perspectives in a solution- focused forum.

Who can take part?

We are inviting all Victorian blueVoices members who have personal experience or a keen interest in workplace mental health, who are able to travel to Melbourne Docklands and are available for the full duration of the workshop on Tuesday February 10 from 2pm until 5pm. We are looking for a minimum of three blueVoices participants.

What is involved?

The workshop will see participants work in small teams to generate innovative concepts and ideas. Around 30 participants from business and mental health communities will also be involved.

Participants will be divided into six groups, with each group focusing on a different area of workplace mental health. Topics to be discussed include 

  • De-stigmatising mental heath in the workplace,
  • Mental health of small to medium business operators,
  • Shared responsibility of addressing mental health in the workplace
  • Improving the experience of returning to work.   
  • Managing risks associated with mental health in the workplace, and
  • Facilitating conversations about mental health issues in the workplace.

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