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Have you ever received assistance from our Support Service?

17 August 2015
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Last year, the beyondblue Support Service assisted 190,000 people with information and advice around depression, anxiety and suicide prevention. 
beyondblue is now seeking to document a series of Support Service stories to use online and in our annual report. We are also looking at using one or more of the stories in our first ever Christmas appeal, aimed at raising funds to help keep up with the increasing demand for the Support Service.

Sharing stories of why people contact the beyondblue Support Service, and how it helps, will create awareness about the impact this service has had on hundreds of thousands of people's lives right across Australia.

Who can take part?

We are inviting blueVoices members who have contacted and been assisted by our Support Service,  either by making a call or chatting online (via webchat). This may have been to get support for yourself or seek advice about how to help someone you were concerned about.  
How do I get involved?

If you would like to share your experiences using the Support Service, please complete the short questionnaire via the link below by 9 am, Monday 17 August.  You may then later be contacted for a follow-up interview and photo shoot. 
If you have any questions or concerns about sharing your experience, please do not hesitate to contact Kimberley Nichols, beyondblue Senior Brand and Content Advisor, on 03 9810 6149.
Thank you for your support!