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Share your experience using a safety plan to cope with suicidal thoughts to inform our new App

4 October 2015
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Research shows that a safety plan can help people stay safe and get through times of distress and crisis. A safety plan is a prioritised written list of coping strategies and sources of support that people can use during or preceding suicidal crises. However, many Australians do not know about safety planning and safety plans are not consistently used across Australian health services.

Beyond Blue is working on a project to develop a Safety Planning App that people can use to help them cope with suicidal thoughts and crises. By engaging people who have had experience of using a safety plan to cope with suicidal thoughts, we are aiming to better understand how helpful or unhelpful they can be and use this knowledge to make sure our App supports people in their time of need.

Who can take part? 

We are inviting all blueVoices members over the age of 18, who have had a personal experience using a safety plan, longer than 6 months ago, or have assisted someone to use a safety plan.

What is involved?

We are looking for your opinions and thoughts about how you found the experience of using a safety plan to cope with suicidal thoughts. More importantly, we are interested in what you found useful and what you believe may have been more helpful to you when you were feeling distressed. Please remember that if you find it too distressing to recall your experiences, you do not have to continue with this activity.

Activity Results

Thank you for your interest. This activity is now closed. For questions about this project or your participation, please contact the blueVoices team. 

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