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Online survey to guide Beyond Blue's content strategy

16 March 2016
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The aim of this research project is to understand what content on depression, anxiety and suicide prevention our different community audiences want to access, how they want to access or receive the content, and how often. This includes content across multiple channels such as print resources, web content (blogs, articles, stories etc.), email newsletters and social media channel (e.g. Facebook).

The findings from the research will inform the development of Beyond Blue’s Content Development Strategy and will guide planning for 2016/17.


beyondblue’s content has grown organically. At our peak we had over 500 print resources. Depression was the main focus when beyondblue began in 2000. Since then we have expanded our scope to include anxiety and suicide prevention and deliver to a much wider audience including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people, older people and young people, as well as in settings such as schools, aged care facilities and workplaces.

The beyondblue website was relaunched in April 2013 with a completely new structure and content. Since then, our web traffic has continued to grow; last financial year our web traffic doubled compared to the previous year.

With an ever-changing digital landscape, beyondblue needs to focus on delivering the right information to the right people via the most appropriate channels, and be constantly adjusting to the needs of our audiences.

To deliver the right content to the right audiences, beyondblue needs to understand what our audiences want. We are inviting blueVoices members to share with us their feedback and insights to guide our future direction. 

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