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1 July 2016
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The last year has been an incredible growth period for our online forums, and research shows the number of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) members we have needing peer support is increasing.

In a recent user survey, 11% of respondents identified as LGBTI (up from 7% last year), with a further 5% not sure, undecided or preferring not to say when asked about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Last year, to make our forums a more visibly welcoming place for LGBTI members, we expanded our successful Champions volunteer programme to include Rainbow Champions, and we are looking to recruit more.

Rainbow Champions are LGBTI people who have the ability to;

  • Use their time, skills and empathy to support other LGBTI people online
  • Be a warm and welcoming voice for new forum visitors
  • Use their own experience of facing anxiety and depression as an LGBTI person to help set the tone of the community as a place of hope and recovery. 

What is involved

Rainbow Champions generate discussion in our dedicated forum space on the Beyond Blue website (not the forums in blueVoices Connect) by posting 6-10 times per week.

They provide online peer support to members who identify as LGBTI, are questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation, or who are posting on behalf of LGBTI family members.

You can read more detail about what this role involves in the Community Champions Guide.

Our current Rainbow Champions

'Gruffudd' - Rainbow Champion“The Rainbow Champion role gives an opportunity to support others so that they don't have to deal with what the world throws at them on their own, and that really matters.

“I live in a regional community and some days it is like I am the only queer kid in existence. I look forward to checking back in with my people and their stories.”

'Paul' - Rainbow Champion“A sense of belonging and purpose is important for my recovery and management of depression and anxiety. I decided to seek to help others and feel a sense of belonging at the same time.

There are many of us in the GLBTIQ+ community who don't have an opportunity to really express ourselves by sharing our pain in a direct way in a safe place. I hope that we can change that by using our life experience and ability to listen and relate to others.”

Activity Results

Thank you for your interest in this role. Applications have now closed but if you are interested in becoming a Rainbow Champion or have any questions, please contact Beyond Blue's Online Communities Manager, Christopher Banks at or 03 9810 6132.

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