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Guide our suicide prevention Position Statement

22 July 2016
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We are inviting blueVoices members to review Beyond Blue's draft suicide prevention Position Statement and let us know if you feel that the document accurately reflects your views and experiences. 

Why is your input important

Position Statements help publicly outline Beyond Blue's views and beliefs relating to a particular topic. We use these to help influence community discussion and public policies relating to mental health. 

It is really important that our position and key messages associated with suicide and suicide attempts accurately reflect your experiences, as this underpins all of our work which aims to prevent suicide. 



Beyond Blue develops Position Statements to describe our position on issues related to depression, anxiety and suicide prevention. The purpose of these Position Statements is to influence public discussion and public policies.

We have developed a Position Statement on suicide prevention. This document intends to:  
  • document Beyond Blue’s key messages relating to suicide prevention
  • describe the problem of suicide and suicide attempts
  • document effective strategies to reduce suicide and suicide attempts
  • recommend actions that should be implemented to prevent suicide and suicide attempts.

This Position Statement will be a public document, and available on our website.

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