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Share your story on our new families website

1 September 2016
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As part of our new Healthy Families website, we’re featuring stories that illustrate the diversity of families across Australia – what makes us unique, but also some of the common challenges we all face.


Healthy Families is our new website to promote positive mental health and resilience in families. It's for anyone and everyone with a child or young person in their life - from pregnancy to 18. 

Why your story matters

Sharing your story of hope, recovery and resilience means other families can learn from your experiences and know that other people are facing the same challenges.

What happens to your story

The stories we publish are designed to create a safe space to talk about mental health issues and the impact on people's lives.

To do this, all stories submitted will be carefully reviewed by Beyond Blue's Healthy Families team and we may edit or choose not to publish stories that breach our community guidelines.These include things like using offensive language, referring to specific medications or services by name, sharing personal information, or making explicit reference to suicide, self-harm or sexual abuse. If you're unsure, please refer to the guidelines before submitting your story.

 To respect the privacy of others who may be involved in your story, we will also remove information which may identify others.

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