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Review Beyond Blue's draft Workplace Mental Health Strategy Guide for Hospitals

28 November 2016
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Beyond Blue is working with the healthcare industry to help make public hospitals mentally healthier workplaces. Based on feedback from national healthcare industry stakeholders and Victorian public hospitals, Beyond Blue is now in the process of developing a practical guide, specifically for hospitals, on how to implement a workplace mental health strategy for all their staff.

Earlier this year we invited blueVoices members who are currently working in a public hospital or have previously worked in a public hospital within the last few years, in any capacity (as a doctor, nurse, allied health or in another role) to share some of the key issues that impact on their mental health at work. The insights that the blueVoices members provided helped to inform the content of the resource. It also gave the project team the unique opportunity to provide potential users of the guide with real-world examples that highlighted the importance of creating a mentally healthy workplace in hospitals, by including quotes from blueVoices members’ experiences throughout. 

The project team have now completed the first draft of the resource and are inviting blueVoices members with the above experience to review the information and provide their feedback. 


The Workplace Mental Health Strategy Guide for Hospitals is aimed at those responsible for developing and implementing mental health and wellbeing initiatives in hospitals (e.g. human resources, Occupational Health and Safety, wellbeing staff, managers and leaders, and workplace mental health champions). It will help guide hospital leaders to create a tailored mental health strategy for their hospital that supports the mental health and wellbeing of their doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and other hospital staff. 

The guide aims to be informative, but also practical and easy to use. It does not provide all the answers as each hospital has individual needs – its purpose is to guide hospitals through the process of how to develop an overarching strategy or enhance their existing strategy. 

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Thank you for your interest in reviewing Beyond Blue's draft Workplace Mental Health Strategy Guide for Hospitals.

This consultation has now closed. If you have any questions about this project please contact us on

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