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Guide Beyond Blue's safety app BeyondNow

19 December 2016
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Beyond Blue is looking to find out how well Beyond Blue's suicide safety planning app BeyondNow meets the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and we're asking blueVoices members with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background to tell us what they think.

In particular, we want to know if the different parts of BeyondNow, like the suggested things a user can do, coping strategies and people that a user can contact for support, as well as how it looks and reads, is something that connects with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may be at risk of suicide. 

What is BeyondNow?

BeyondNow is a suicide safety planning app, designed to help people who experience a suicidal crisis. It is based on the best evidence currently available about suicide safety plan, and initial feedback from users suggests that it is a tool many people are finding helpful.

Convenient and confidential, the BeyondNow app puts your safety plan in your pocket so you can access and edit it at any time. You can also email a copy to trusted friends, family or your health professional so they can support you when you're experiencing suicidal thoughts or heading towards a suicidal crisis. 

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