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21 February 2017
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Do you feel passionately about the purpose of blueVoices? Would you like to have input into how blueVoices works and what improvements we can make for all our members?

We have an exciting opportunity for five blueVoices members to come together and form our very first blueVoices advisory group! 

The blueVoices advisory group will assist the blueVoices team in making decisions relating to new features or processes for the blueVoices program and generating content of interest to other members. The group will run as a pilot until 31 June 2017 with a view to extending if it is successful. 

The role of the blueVoices advisory group is to represent member interests and provide input into the development of the blueVoices program, by:

  • Assisting in decision making and design of features and projects relating to the function and future direction of blueVoices
  • Providing input on blueVoices processes and systems and any improvements needed
  • Guiding and generating member content in blueVoices Connect and the monthly newsletter (e.g. create and post community discussion topics in the online forums)
  • Acting as champions in the blueVoices Connect forums to foster a sense of community by responding to member posts and generating discussion of interest to members
  • Providing feedback into the future direction and function of the blueVoices advisory group after the end of the pilot term (31 June 2017)

Members are asked to commit to the role from March until June 2017 by attending three meetings and participating in group discussions as necessary. Group members will be reimbursed for their time. 

Activity Results

Thanks for your interest. Applications for the blueVoices advisory group have now closed. If you have any questions about this project or your application please contact us at

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