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Seeking blueVoices representatives for Discrimination & Insurance Survey Advisory Group

23 February 2017
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Beyond Blue is seeking two blueVoices representatives for a project advisory group that will develop and conduct the second Mental Health, Discrimination & Insurance: Consumer Experiences Survey. The role of the advisory group is to attend the initial project planning meeting, provide feedback during the development and testing of the survey tools and provide feedback on the draft final report. 

The survey of people with either current, past, both current and past or no mental health condition will give a clear indication of the prevalence of insurance discrimination and the impact that it is having on the lives of people living with, or caring for someone who has, a mental health condition.

Beyond Blue works in partnership with Mental Health Australia, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and Victorian Legal Aid on this project.

Beyond Blue’s Diversity and Access Project Manager, Rachael Neumann will lead the project advisory group and will consult with all members to provide guidance on project planning, development and outcomes.

The working group will be active for the duration of the project, March to September 2017.  

blueVoices Representative role and selection criteria

Beyond Blue is seeking up to two blueVoices members to join the advisory group.

The blueVoices representatives will participate alongside other advisory group members in the function and decision making of the group, including:

  • Attending up to two meetings (via teleconference) across the course of the project - the first will take place Wednesday 1 March 9:00am - 10:30am
  • Completing relevant reading and consideration of project issues at home
  • Participating in group email discussions and providing feedback on the project development as necessary 

As an acknowledgement of the commitment required for this project, blueVoices members participating in the group will be offered reimbursement for their time.


Since 2002, Beyond Blue has been working on behalf of the community to reduce discrimination for people with mental health conditions when accessing insurance products.  Discrimination occurs in the form of refusal to provide insurance cover, increased premiums, reasonable exclusions or delays and rejections during the claiming process.  Insurance discrimination occurs across the insurance product range including travel, life, total and permanent disability and income protection insurances.

In 2011, Beyond Blue in partnership with Mental Health Australia released the Mental Health, Discrimination and Insurance: A Survey of Consumer Experiences.  This survey confirmed that people with mental health conditions experience significant difficulty and discrimination when applying for insurance products and making claims against their policies

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