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Insights into Anxiety

25 April 2017
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For many years, Beyond Blue has been working hard to promote understanding and support for the two million Australians each year who experience anxiety conditions. And while we have seen improvements, we understand there is still much more work to be done.

To create this change, Beyond Blue is starting on a new program of work to reduce the impact of anxiety. To guide us at this early stage, we are asking blueVoices members to help us better understand what makes a real difference to people living with anxiety. 

The survey below will ask you about your general experiences of anxiety, and what kinds of strategies you use to manage your anxiety on a regular basis. We’re also interested in your thoughts about what needs to change in the way anxiety conditions are understood in Australia.

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Thanks for your interest. This survey is now closed but there will be future opportunities to get involved in Beyond Blue's Anxiety Program. We'll be in touch through blueVoices when these opportunities arise. 

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