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Review our draft key messages for the Heads Up initiative

25 May 2017
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Beyond Blue's Workplace team is currently planning for the future development of Beyond Blue's Workplace Program, including its Heads Up initiative. 

They have defined some key messages which will outline the foundational beliefs and focus of Beyond Blue's work in this area and are inviting blueVoices members to provide their input.

The key messages will be an important cornerstone for the Workplace Program. They will be used to guide the content on the Heads Up website and resources, as well as marketing and other communication activities. They will also inform an advocacy plan for the Beyond Blue Workplace Program for the next couple of years.

We know that blueVoices members are passionate about workplace issues and invite you to review the draft key messages and provide your feedback. 


Heads Up is all about giving individuals and businesses the tools to create more mentally healthy workplaces and manage mental health issues in the workplace.

Developed by the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance and Beyond BlueHeads Up calls on business leaders to make a commitment and start taking action in their workplaces. It also encourages everyone in the workplace to play their part in creating a mentally healthy working environment, take care of their own mental health, and look out for their colleagues. 

The Heads Up website provides a wide range of resources, information and advice for individuals and organisations – all of which are designed to offer simple, practical and, importantly, achievable guidance. 

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