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Help Beyond Blue increase the use of low intensity support services through this research project

31 May 2017
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Many people who experience mental health conditions do not seek treatment. Poor help-seeking is particularly high among people with mild-moderate depression and anxiety. Low intensity mental health support services have shown to be a safe and effective treatment option, but are believed to be underutilised. One of the key barriers to the empowerment of self care is insufficient information about the public's awareness, knowledge and use of low intensity support services.

Beyond Blue is undertaking a research project to establish an understanding of why people do, or do not, use low intensity mental health services. We are seeking two blueVoices representatives to participate in an Expert Advisory Group throughout the duration of this research project.

Low intensity mental health services are defined as:

  • alternative options to traditional primary care medical and psychological services and have low or non-clinical intervention;
  • focused on self-management (self-help, self-care);
  • provide people with practical cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) based strategies, such as psychoeducation, mood monitoring, goal setting, behaviour activation, structured problem solving and re-framing self-talk;
  • information and strategies delivered through various channels such as social media, eHealth, and telehealth, including mobile applications, self-guided or clinician supported online learning programs, online and in person peer support, or by lay coaches trained and supervised to deliver CBT strategies

Committee Role and Function:

The blueVoices representatives will attend meetings and participate alongside other group members in the function of the group, including:

  • Representing views and experiences of the community
  • Ensuring views and needs of relevant population groups and organisations are considered in the design and implementation of the project
  • Providing advice on the best ways to engage relevant population segments
  • Identifying and monitoring risks associated with undertaking of the project
  • Consider practical and strategic implications arising from the findings, and if appropriate, suggest recommendations to respond to these implications
  • Review and prioritise recommendations
  • Inform approach to translation of knowledge

As an acknowledgement of the commitment required for this role, blueVoices members participating in the group will be offered reimbursement for time spent fulfilling the requirements of the role.  

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