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Help guide Beyond Blue's Strategic Plan (2017-20) for workplaces

8 June 2017
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Beyond Blue's Workplace Team is currently developing a three-year strategic plan (2017-20) to guide the future focus of its activities aimed at creating more mentally health workplaces. As part of this process the Team is consulting with different areas within Beyond Blue as well as a range of external groups and stakeholders. We have recently sought input from blueVoices members on some key messages which outline the foundational beliefs and focus of Beyond Blue's work in this area.

On this occasion we are seeking input from up to 20 blueVoices members by asking them to provide written responses to 5 high level questions relating to mental health in the workplace. These questions will touch on the importance of mentally healthy workplaces, general trends that are occurring that impact on mental health in the workplace, and the role of Beyond Blue in this area.

We are hoping to receive input from members with a diversity of backgrounds who can represent their own and other people’s experience in the area of workplace mental health. This includes members who have had different roles within an organisation (e.g. employer, manager, senior leader, small business owner), and worked in different industries and business sizes.


Heads Up is the key initiative of the Workplace Team and is all about giving individuals and businesses the tools to create more mentally healthy workplaces and manage mental health issues in the workplace.

Developed by the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance and Beyond Blue, Heads Up calls on business leaders to make a commitment and start taking action in their workplaces. It also encourages everyone in the workplace to play their part in creating a mentally healthy working environment, take care of their own mental health, and look out for their colleagues. 

The Heads Up website provides a wide range of resources, information and advice for individuals and organisations – all of which are designed to offer simple, practical and, importantly, achievable guidance. Through Heads Up, Beyond Blue also engages directly with organisations and other key stakeholders (e.g. business groups, OHS/WHS regulators) and undertakes awareness raising and advocacy activities.

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