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Share your experience of using the BeyondNow suicide safety plan in our new video

25 February 2018
Who can take part
blueVoices members who identify as female and have used the BeyondNow app to create a safety plan
Time required
15 minutes to apply, up to half a day if selected for filming

Activity Detail

BeyondNow is Beyond Blue's suicide safety planning app, developed in 2015. The app helps people create a personal, structured plan that they can work through when experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis.

BeyondNow has had some user feedback which suggests some changes are needed to help improve accessibility of the app.  

From the feedback received, we have identified a need for a new video to help people understand if the BeyondNow app could be helpful for them, and how they can navigate using it. 

The video will feature the personal story of someone who has used the BeyondNow app to create a safety plan and has found this helpful in managing their suicidal thoughts.

The aim of the video is to help others who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts to understand how safety planning on the BeyondNow app may help them keep safe and assist them to manage periods of distress and suicidal thoughts. 

The video would be featured on the BeyondNow page of the Beyond Blue website and may also be shared on Beyond Blue's social media channels.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed. Please contact the blueVoices team via email or on 03 9810 6134 if you have any questions about this project or your interest.

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