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Workplace Strategic Workshops

8 April 2018
Who can take part
all blueVoices members
Time required
5 minutes to apply, 1.5 hours to take part

Activity Detail

In June 2017 the Beyond Blue Workplace Team held an initial consultation with blueVoices members on developing a strategy for mental health in workplaces. This initial consultation called for feedback, input and suggestions on the strategy.

The feedback received in the initial consultation has been taken on board and a new strategy to guide program activities from 2018 to 2021 has been created.

Now in the second phase, we're seeking blueVoices members to review the drafted strategy.

blueVoices involvement in this review will ensure the voice of lived experience is represented in the strategy, and to confirm that previous consultation findings are accurately reflected in the draft.


The mental wellbeing of people at work is good for everyone and enhances personal and organisational resilience, and success. Everyone has a role to play, both in looking after their own mental health and creating a mentally healthy workplace. The Beyond Blue workplace team supports workplaces to create mentally healthier workplaces. Heads Up is an initiative that provides tools and resources to support workplaces to become more mentally healthy, primarily through the website and engagement approach.

It encourages everyone in the workplace to play their part in creating a mentally healthy working environment, take care of their own mental health, and look out for their colleagues. This website provides a wide range of resources, information and advice for individuals and organisations – all of which are designed to offer simple, practical and, importantly, achievable guidance.

The Strategy will guide the work of the Beyond Blue workplace team over the coming years.

Activity Results

The Workplace Strategy Review is now closed. If you have any queries about this consultation please contact the blueVoices team on 03 9810 6134 or via email.

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