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Help services understand the importance of support after a suicide attempt

22 April 2018
Who can take part
blueVoices members who attended an Emergency Department after a suicide attempt
Time required
15 minutes

Activity Detail

The Way Back Support Service is a Beyond Blue program designed to support people for 3 months after a suicide attempt.

We are advocating for this model to be adopted more broadly across Australia to ensure people have access to the support they need when they are most vulnerable.

One way to do this is to highlight the gaps that currently exist for people, and their families, who attend Emergency Departments after a suicide attempt.

We want to share stories that highlight the difficulties in accessing support after a suicidal crisis, to help hospitals understand the benefits of The Way Back Support Service.

Why your story matters

We are looking for people who have a story to share about your, or a family members, experience at an Emergency Department after a suicidal attempt when you received little or no follow up support.

By sharing your story you will help Beyond Blue to advocate for improved services for people who attempt suicide and their families.

We acknowledge that this topic may bring up difficult emotions for many people. We encourage you to reflect on this and decide if this activity is something you feel able to take part in at the moment. We are asking people to reflect on past experiences; so we ask that you do not share any recent experiences that may still cause you distress to discuss.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed. If you have any queries or would like more information please contact the blueVoices team on 03 9810 6100 or via email.

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