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Help review the Beyond Blue 'A guide to what works' booklets

14 July 2018
Who can take part
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander blueVoices members
Time required
About 30 - 45 minutes to review the booklet, 10 minutes to complete the survey

Activity Detail

Every three years Beyond Blue reviews our resources to ensure the content is up to date, clinically correct and is meeting people’s social and emotional wellbeing needs.

We're currently seeking feedback from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people on one of Beyond Blue’s booklets – A guide to what works for anxiety or A guide to what works for depression.

We have a short survey on these booklets to collate feedback and help inform the update.

To review the booklet we can either send you a hard copy or your can download a copy using the links below.

Activity Results

Thanks for your interest in reviewing our A guide to what works booklets.This survey is now closed.

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