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What do you think of our new Suicide Prevention campaign idea?

25 November 2018
Who can take part
blueVoices members who have recently experienced suicidal thoughts
Time required
1 hour if selected

Activity Detail

In 2017, Beyond Blue commissioned research to find out more about attitudes towards suicide and suicide prevention.

About the research

The research showed people at risk of suicide often communicate their suicidal thoughts and intentions, both directly and indirectly, before they make a suicide attempt. However, because many people are unsure how to best interpret and respond to this information their reaction may unintentionally be unhelpful or dismissive.

What's next

Beyond Blue wants to educate and equip people in Australia to know when and how to respond if someone is experiencing suicidal thoughts. We also want to show the impact of suicide on the Australian community.

To help achieve this, Beyond Blue is looking to develop, implement and evaluate a suicide prevention campaign.

How blueVoices can help

The next step in the campaign development is to test the concept on various audiences.

We're seeking eight blueVoices members to help guide the project team on:

  • your opinion of the concept
  • if you find it sets off your mental health or suicidal thoughts.

Activity Results

The Suicide Prevention campaign concept testing is now closed. If you have any queries or would like more information on this project please contact the blueVoices team on 03 9810 6100 or via email.