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What do you think about our video promoting The Way Back Support Service?

1 January 2019
Who can take part
blueVoices members who have attempted suicide or experienced a suicidal crisis
Time required
15 minutes

Activity Detail

The Way Back Support Service (The Way Back) is one of Beyond Blue's suicide prevention services, supporting people for up to three months after they’ve attempted suicide, as a previous attempt is a strong indicator of future suicidal behaviour.

The Way Back recently received government funding to reach more people in Australia with this vital service. 

As The Way Back enters this exciting new chapter, the Suicide Prevention Team is expanding how Beyond Blue promotes and explains the service. As such, the team is looking to create a video that explains what the service does in an engaging, short-film style animation. 

We're currently seeking blueVoices to review and provide feedback on the video to ensure it doesn’t contain stigmatising language or themes around people who have attempted suicide or experienced a suicidal crisis.

Activity Results

Feedback on The Way Back promotional video is now closed. If you have any queries or would like more information on this project please contact the blueVoices team on 03 9810 6100 or via email.

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