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We're updating our website and need your help

20 January 2019
Who can take part
all blueVoices members
Time required
30 minutes

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is well known for its support services and online resources. To ensure these services and resources are accessible, easy to locate and user friendly we're undertaking a complete review and redevelopment of the Beyond Blue website. 

Known as the 'single front-door website redevelopment', this exciting project will consolidate the four Beyond Blue websites into a single, easy to use website.

Currently in the planning phase of the project, we are mapping out how the future website may be structured.

For this, we need your help.

The Customer Experience and Digital Team are seeking 15 blueVoices members to complete online testing to provide feedback on how to best arrange information on the website, this is also known as the 'information architecture'.

Activity Results

The information architecture testing is now closed. If you have any further feedback or queries on this project please contact the blueVoices team on 03 9810 6100 or via email

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