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Research interviews: Help Beyond Blue improve how we communicate mental health information to the public

10 February 2019
Who can take part
People with a diagnosed mental health condition or have thought about/attempted to take their own life.
Time required
Five minutes to complete expression of interest form, one-hour interview if selected.

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue are partnering with market and social research agency Whereto to help us improve how and when we provide information to the public to best support people at different stages of their mental health experience. Learning from people with a personal experience is a vital part of this research project. 

We are recruiting 12 blueVoices members to take part in a one-hour interview (face-to-face) as part of a broader community consultation process. We are looking for diversity in experience, background, gender and education.

Interviews will take place in person between 13-26 February. 

  • Sydney (21 February)
  • Parramatta (20 February) 
  • Melbourne (13 -21 February) 
  • Shepparton (26 February)
  • Dandenong (13 February).

To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, we will ask all members involved to be cleared for participation in the research with their mental health practitioner. 

The project has approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee at Victoria University, and a plain language statement that explains the project in full will be provided to all who express an interest in participating.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed for expressions of interest. 

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