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Workshop: Drive policy change for early intervention services in mental health

9 April 2019
Who can take part
Blue Voices members living in Victoria
Time required
Two days at a workshop, up to two days conducting interviews

Activity Detail

Most of the Australian population would benefit from mental health early intervention services.

People who are 'well' and those with mild-to-moderate mental health conditions make up 97 per cent of our population.

While there are a lot of services for sever mental health conditions, there are far fewer for early intervention.

To address this Beyond Blue is suggesting the Australian Government creates a national, low-intensity, early intervention service system to help everyone get the help they need to protect their mental health.

MH in Australia graph

What do early intervention and low intensity mean?

Early intervention, in this case, means having specialist intervention and support for a person who is experiencing early symptoms of a mental health condition.

Low intensity mental health services support people with or at risk of mild mental health conditions.


How you can help us get it right

To help form the policy suggestions Beyond Blue will put forward, we're hosting two interactive workshops and conversations with other people in the mental health system.

Health professionals and Blue Voices members will provide feedback and opinions on what services and access is needed and how building a national, low intensity, early-intervention system might look.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to have your say on the position Beyond Blue will take on this important matter.

The feedback from the workshops will directly guide the policy submission.


In September 2018 Beyond Blue ran a 'Policy Reform Survey' to help us better understand how we should influence mental health and suicide prevention policies in Australia.

Almost 700 people took part in the Policy Reform Survey and the results showed three key areas where Beyond Blue can best push for change to improve mental health outcomes:

  1. Early Intervention / Low Intensity Services
  2. Childhood Mental Health Services and Education
  3. Suicide Prevention Services and Education

We're now hosting a series of workshops focused on these three areas to test the ideas and take them to the next level of detail. The workshops will gather insights for the three focus areas on the following questions:

  • How would these ideas work in practice?
  • How do we build on what’s working and let go of what isn’t?
  • What are the challenges and how should we tackle them?
  • How can we partner with others to have greater influence? 

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) will be conducting the workshops.

Activity Results

Applications for the early intervention policy workshops are now closed. If you're interested in this project please contact the Blue Voices team for an update and more information.

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