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Workshop: Mental Health Continuum

1 December 2019
Who can take part
Blue Voices members in Melbourne
Time required
Three hours

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is in the process of developing a Mental Health Continuum - a visual way to show how people move between good and poor mental health.

Earlier this year we invited Blue Voices members and professionals to help us work out a general structure structure for an Australian mental health continuum.

We're now in the next phase and interested to hear from Blue Voices members to make sure the Beyond Blue model is as useful and appropriate as possible.

Once we’ve received feedback from Blue Voices and mental health professionals, we'll create a model incorporating the range of perspectives received. We will then test this model with different groups to make sure it is as great as it can be.


Beyond Blue project is looking at introducing a mental health continuum and researching if it will be accepted and valid for people in Australia.

Research conducted earlier this year showed mental health continuum models are seen as a helpful way to understand and explain mental health, because it shows that there are
degrees of severity, and that people's experience with mental health conditions are not all the same.

Depending on how the model is used, it can encourage more thorough reflection about what good/poor mental health looks like. It can also show to some extent, that any one can be at different stages on the continuum at different points in time, and that everyone needs to take an active role in managing their own mental health.

From the research earlier this year many people felt the continuum would help them self-identify when they were experiencing poor mental health, and could help them take action at a more appropriate and more effective time. Similarly, many felt it may help them identify when others around them were in need of support.

Activity Results

Applications to join the Mental Health Continuum focus groups have closed. For more information please contact the Blue Voices team on 03 9810 6100 or via email.

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