Connections matter

The Beyond Blue speakers program is proudly supported by Australia Post.

Beyond Blue Speakers engage with people all over Australia by sharing their personal stories of anxiety and depression. By doing so, they open up conversations about mental health and connect with others through their shared experiences.

Our hope is that our Speakers have inspired you to connect with someone, because staying connected is really important for supporting our mental health and wellbeing.

We also know connection looks different for everyone and there are many things we can do to help us feel connected.   

It can be calling a friend, or as simple as a walk with a pet or a pleasant interaction with someone at the local store or the post office. It can be joining a sporting team or a community group. 

Whatever it is, making connections every day can make a big difference to our mental health, so we have included plenty of inspiration to help get you started. 

Hear from our Beyond Blue Speakers David, Samuel, Fatimah and Jo about what connection means to them. 

  1. Fatimah's story
    Taking time for self-care is what's going to help you
  2. Samuel's story
    If you don't feel like connecting, that's the biggest signal that you need to.
  3. Jo's story
    If I'm not feeling great, I'll pick up the phone to a friend
  4. David's story
    A weight seemed to lift off my shoulders

For some more information on building connection, explore the links below:


As an organisation that connects every Australian, Australia Post is a proud partner of Beyond Blue and the Speakers program. Their support helps us to continue to share stories of hope, resilience and recovery to more people and places across Australia.