Speaker spotlight: Amlan


Please be aware that Speaker Spotlight stories often share experiences related to anxiety, depression and/or suicide. If needed, we encourage you to reach out to your available supports such as family, friends or support services like Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Meet NSW-based Amlan, one of our most recent recruits in the Speakers Program. In his spare time he embraces fatherhood, plays cricket on weekends, and enjoys staying active at the gym. He finds joy in the camaraderie of sports and is an avid fan of NRL, AFL, rugby and the Indian cricket team – never misses any World Cup events.

Amlan's personal mental health journey

Amlan’s mother has her own lived experience of depression, bipolar disorder and psychosis and he has been her carer for 23 years. Recognising the need for professional help, Amlan sought assistance for his mother after over 12 months of frustration as her condition fluctuated between highs and lows.

Over the years, he has dedicated himself to supporting his mother in personal and domestic tasks, motivating and encouraging her to go to work and benefit from a healthy work life balance.

As his mother’s condition stabilised, Amlan experienced work related burnout triggered by prolonged workdays and pressures to meet financial targets.

Amlan identifies with multiple communities, which have shaped his mental health journey in profound ways.

Firstly, as an elder son and caregiver for his mother, he embraces his Indian cultural heritage and background, finding strength in the rich tapestry of traditions and values.

Amlan brings a unique perspective to the conversation, fostering inclusivity and understanding. His personal experience with burnout as a health professional resonates deeply, allowing him to connect with others who have faced similar challenges. Amlan joined us in February 2023 and has already had some standout moments at events.

One of these moments was when he spoke to a group of males in their 40s and 50s from the construction industry. As they listened to his story, they became visibly moved, with some even shedding tears. This connection inspired them to open up about their own hidden struggles, some of which they had kept bottled up for more than a decade.

“Being a Speaker has given me the opportunity to inspire and empower others to increase awareness about mental health and seek help as early as possible, but it is also a healing process for my own lived experiences with mental health.”

Amlan has a message he hopes the audience will take away: “Being positive in life is about accepting challenges, there will be … tough times where things will not go your way, it’s about living in that present moment doing the best you can and understanding today might be tough, tomorrow might be better, but we are all surviving and thriving today and tomorrow.”

Amlan’s advice to Speakers and importance of self-care

"Be your natural self, be vulnerable and speak about your mental health journey as it is."

Audiences value and respect the genuine connection speakers can create through sharing their personal stories.

Recognising the importance of self-care, Amlan prioritises short-term interstate and international travel, he values quality time with loved ones and volunteers at his daughter's day-care.

Working for value-based companies and surrounding himself with a supportive group of friends have also been instrumental in his self-care journey.

Before an event Amlan listens to motivational videos on leadership and empowerment, as well as calming content for his mind, body and spirit. After the event, Amlan finds solace and rejuvenation in the gym, complemented by a healthy meal.

Looking ahead, Amlan is looking forward to self-publishing his own book of quotes. He also envisions to stand and deliver a TED talk to a large audience and represent Beyond Blue at a government function.