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Peer support role: Volunteer on Beyond Blue's Online forums

31 December 2023
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Volunteer in a peer support role on Beyond Blue's Online forums!

Want to volunteer your skills and empathy to support others in the community? Beyond Blue is currently recruiting volunteer Community Champions to provide online peer support via Beyond Blue's Online forums to people experiencing anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. There are currently eight positions available. 

This role is suitable for individuals wishing to share their personal experience with mental health issues, including experiences of one’s recovery and wellbeing. We also welcome individuals who identify as a carer or supporter of someone with mental health issues to participate. 

To be eligible for this role, you need to have already made at least 50 meaningful, quality posts on the Online forums as a standard member. Please see additional eligibility in the criteria in the 'How to apply' section below.

About the Online forums

The Online forums is an online community that supports and learns from each other, sharing their stories and experiences in times of distress and wellness. They are moderated and provide a safe space to share experiences, concerns and offer messages of support to others.

About Community Champions

Having a space to ‘vent’ and let others know about the difficulties we’re experiencing in life is important. 

Community Champions help maintain a warm and friendly community. They spark new conversations, guide and welcome newcomers and, when needed, remind forum members of the rules. In particular, Community Champions help by:

  • Actively looking for and answering unanswered questions or posts.
  • Welcoming new members and helping them find their way around – particularly in connecting them with other members or threads that are similar to theirs.
  • Helping the community be a vibrant, respectful, and enjoyable place.
  • Starting new threads on topics of interest relating to hope, recovery and staying well.
  • Referring any concerns you have about a member’s wellbeing to our moderators.

Because the Online forums are always on, you can meet the commitments of this role at a time and place that best suits you.

Please note this is purely a peer support role and you're not expected to be responsible for the wellbeing of individual members.

You can read more about what the role involves in the Community Champion Guide.

How to apply

To be considered for this role you should meet the following criteria:

  • Commit to posting eight to 10 times a week in the Online forums across a variety of threads. This should take about three hours a week.
  • Have already made at least 50 meaningful, quality posts on the Online forums as a standard member which adhere to the spirit and intent of the Community RulesMember Terms and Privacy Policy all users agree to upon joining. By quality, we mean multi-word posts made up of sentences and/or paragraphs that contribute to the overall warm, friendly, vibrant, respectful, enjoyable and safe culture of our Online forums community. Above all, this culture is underpinned by the idea that we all should strive to give support to receive support.
  • Complete a wellness plan to help us protect your mental wellbeing while doing this valuable, but sometimes taxing, mental health peer support work. Details of this will be provided and guided by our Online Communities Volunteer Coordinator and dedicated forums Community Support Worker.
  • Have or obtain a Working with Children Check that is current in the state or territory in which you reside and will be volunteering from. Given the logistics involved and the slightly different requirements for these checks across Australia, Beyond Blue asks its volunteers to obtain these themselves and will reimburse the costs involved upon provision of a current approved Working with Children Check -- so please make sure you keep your receipts. We can provide guidance about how to get one in your jurisdiction.

If you’re interest in becoming a Community Champion, please complete the expression of interest form below. The Online Communities Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to discuss your interest further.

If you have any questions about the role or your interest please email

Expression of Interest - Beyond Blue Community Champion role

This expression of interest form will ask questions about you and your mental health experience. You'll also be asked to read a sample forum post and tell us how you'd respond to the post as a Community Champion.

If you feel upset or distressed at any stage before or after filling out the form, we encourage you to stop filling out the form and contact the Beyond Blue Support Service online or over the phone on 1300 22 4636.

Do you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander? 

Do you speak a language, other than English, at home?

About You

Are you currently a member of Beyond Blue's Online forums?

What best describes your mental health experience? Tick all that apply.

Sample posts

Please choose one of the following sample posts to the Online forums below and respond underneath with how you would reply.  As we limit forum posts to a maximum of about 500 words, please stick to this word limit. 


I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I have no place in the world and I have come to the realisation that I will probably live a life unfulfilled, without having accomplished anything, let my family down and realise my biggest fear, being alone for the rest of my life (apart from immediate family) and even then I want them to hate me so bad that if I decide to move away, they would hate me enough that after time they would have it in them to leave me behind as well so I don't bring them down as well.


in the past two weeks, I have had anxiety spiralling out of control, I am unable to concentrate at work or at home, I continually think of the worst case scenario in anything, I wake up in the middle of the night having panic attacks (heart racing, in shaking, heavy breathing) I haven't slept more than 4 hours each night and during the day I am in a constant stressed state that by 2 pm I am tired as can be, I hate being alone, if I'm driving I feel the need to call someone just so I can get my mind off my anxiety and contanst worry feelings. I have lost my appetite, eating maybe one meal a day simply because I cannot eat. I have tried natural over the counter medicine to try and alleviate the anxiety and calm me down but they don't work.... Does this sound like GAD and should I see a doctor about medication?


Im currently struggling with my partner I feel he is a different person at the moment. I believe he is depressed and I'm just hoping to get some advice on how to handle it and how to get him the help he needs. He is currently working away doing 11 on 3 off and when he comes home is quite irritable and is lacking patience with me and the kids he is quite withdrawn etc. he came home on Thursday just gone and when we got to bed he started crying for a while which is not like him at all. He said he cant describe how he was feeling except he is sad said he doesnt know why but has been feeling like this for a few weeks he said that everything is too much at the moment. He very rarely shares his feelings and if something is wrong he doesn't know how to express it and generally won't talk about it so when I suggested depression he got quite annoyed with me. Im just hoping to get my partner back and maybe some tools so I can help him to get through this together and hopefully get him some professional help without him shitting down and thinking that nothing is actually wrong. I'm terribly sorry for rambling and hope this makes a a little sense

Thank you for taking the time to apply for this vitally important volunteer role. You’re a champion for making the effort.

Applications close on Thursday 25 March. The Online Communities team will be in touch with you after this date. 

If you have any queries or want to change your application please contact the Blue Voices team via email or 03 9810 6100.