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Forums / Anxiety / Anxiety/depersonalization

Topic: Anxiety/depersonalization

7 posts, 0 answered
  1. Lillymoo2
    Lillymoo2 avatar
    2 posts
    24 October 2018
    I'm at a real low point and ready to give up. I don't get anxious about what's happening in my life it's more I get anxiety from depersonalization I can't connect myself to anything from the first thing when I wake up to the last thing when I go to sleep. I feel as if I'm losing control and I want it to end now.
  2. Jen_W
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Jen_W avatar
    13 posts
    25 October 2018 in reply to Lillymoo2

    Hi Lillymoo2 -

    Sorry about the delay in someone responding to your post. How are you feeling?

    It sounds like you're finding it difficult to connect with most things in the world around you, including the people in your life. Can I ask, are you still having conversations with them? Are they reaching out to you? Or, do you find it difficult to chat with them?

    I know that I definitely have days when I don't feel "connected" with people and just want to be left alone. I think that's pretty normal. But, after a while, I want to be around people.

    It's so great that you've reached out and posted how you are feeling about not being able to connect with anything. Besides the forum, have you told any friends or family members how you feel about that depersonalization? Would you feel comfortable reaching out? I've found it to be amazing - the number of people that will listen and support you, if you can just reach out. It's hard, I know - but can be so worth it.

    I hear you when you say you feel as if you're losing control. Things in my mind seem to pile up as well and I can tend to feel like I don't have a lot of control. But, if you're feeling like you want to end it, please consider talking to someone.

    The Suicide Call Back Service provides 24/7 telephone, online-chat and video counselling. You can sign up for free video and online chat counselling on their website:

    The beyondblue Support Service (1300 22 4636) can arrange for you to be taken to hospital if you are feeling at immediate risk of suicide or self-harm.

    Lifeline is also trialing a text service. So if you're not feeling up to talking, you can text with someone here: 0477 13 11 14.

    And of course, I'm here to talk on the forum, along with countless of others that care about you and will listen without judgement.

    Please let us know how you are feeling and stay safe.

    Jen xx

  3. baet123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    baet123 avatar
    539 posts
    27 October 2018 in reply to Lillymoo2

    Hey Lily,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting.

    Sorry to hear that your going through a tough time at present but it will get better. It may not seem like it but it will. I can relate to much of what you are experiencing and I was ready to give up but I pushed and pushed and got better and I am so thankful that I didn't give up because pain doesn't last for ever and there are so many services available to you that are extremely beneficial.

    May I ask what has lead to you feeling the way you do at present? You deserve to be happy. Every one deserves to be happy and your no different. We all have so much to give and you have so much life ahead of you.

    Have you received any treatment in the past or are you seeing any health professionals at present? I believe that once our health and quality of life begins to deteriorate due to mental health conditions, professional treatment/intervention is necessary. You may wish to consider visiting your GP and explaining your situation to him/her and discussing the possibility of going on a mental health care plan which will provide you with a minimum of 10 subsidised psychologist sessions.

    A combination of seeing a psychologist and medication may greatly assist you so you may wish to consider this as a realistic option. Prolonged periods of treatment and medication is important to and regular appointments with your healthcare professionals is paramount.

    You mention depersonalisation and not being able to connect yourself to anything. Do you find this especially true with your relationships and your interaction with others on a daily basis?

    I hope to hear back from you shortly and it will get better. Stay as strong as positive and the best days are yet to come. Nothing in life worth doing is easy and it will make the good days ahead that much sweeter.

    Suicide is never the answer. Pain is temporary and it will get better.

    Look forward to hearing back from you shortly.

    All the best,


  4. Lillymoo2
    Lillymoo2 avatar
    2 posts
    7 November 2018 in reply to baet123
    Hey thank you for replying, I've been to my gp and got prescribed lovan but I'm scared to take it. I have a headspace appointment tomorrow which I'm going to. But I've figured its more derealization instead of depersonalization. I really do feel as if I'm going insane but I'm not going to give up on myself promise I know I'll get better it just takes time.
  5. LadyS
    LadyS avatar
    7 posts
    8 November 2018 in reply to Lillymoo2
    Hi lillymoos2 I completely understand where you are at! I had an incident about 4 months ago where I took a drug and have had derealisation since that night. I’ve suffered from anxiety before but derealisation is absolutely horrible! I’ve had to quit my job and move back in with my mum :-( I was always so outgoing and now I actually don’t see the point in doing so much because I feel so disconnected. I used to do yoga and that helped me in the past but doesn’t seem to help at all. I want help on what actually helps with derealisation let me know if you find anything :-)
  6. Tgirll
    Tgirll avatar
    31 posts
    9 November 2018 in reply to Lillymoo2

    Hi Lilly

    First I want to say that although everybodies experience with mental health is different, I can relate to your feelings of derealisation. It is a super scary symptom and debilitating! It's hard to explain but it feels like everything around you isn't real, like youre in a dream and you feel like a disconnected zombie. I have had trouble with this for a while but i want you to know it did get better for me and it will get better for you too. It may take some time but don't give up. What trigerred it for me was a bad panic attack. Then i was just so scared of the feeling and couldn't stop thinking about it, whuch made it linger. I literally thought that I was in the process of dying or had gone insane. I just want to reassure you that as scary as this symptom is, you are not losing it. It is a symptom of anxiety and instense stress meaning that it can come on and stays when you are feeling scared, fearful, anxious etc. It is a coping mechanism of the mind. The only thing is it can be hard to not be scared of it when it's such a scary feeling. This in turn can make it stick around. Its a vicious cycle. What helps me is reading about it when I am really panicked about it. It reassured me that however I may feel, its actually a common feeling that is not dangerous and something that a lot of people experience. Heres a little article I read on it recently:

    What actually helped me was to accept it for what it is. Yes it may be scary but there isn't actually anything wrong and it's just my body telling me im overwhelemed with stress. It takes a lot of practice but eventually i felt like it wasnt bothering me as much. I noticed I was then able to at times distract myself from it. To then it wasnt as intense. To then i went periods without it.. continued in next post

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  7. baet123
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    baet123 avatar
    539 posts
    9 November 2018 in reply to Lillymoo2

    Hey Lilly,

    May I ask why you are scared to take Lovan? If it was prescribed to you I would consider taking it but your concerns are valid.

    How was your headspace appointment? Was it your initial appointment with them? They are a great organisation and I hope it went well.

    Have a good weekend.


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