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Topic: Anxiety for travel

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  1. Scarlett06
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    10 posts
    3 November 2021

    Hi everyone
    I’m being extra paranoid. I have to go home to another state to grab the rest of my things to bring back to my partners home. I’ll be gone for 3 weeks give or take as I have to home qurantine for 14 days.
    I don’t think this is something he’d do, but I’m worried that if we fight and I’ve left majority of my stuff at his house, he won’t want to give ir back. Example; my PC.
    Once again I know I’m just paranoid, but is there a way to help me feel certain he won’t be able to hold on to it?
    (I can’t take my pc back with me as I’m flying and it will 100% get damaged and that’s just less room for me on the way back to pack stuff, I’ve also thought about posting but that wouldn’t work either.)
    im also worried about when I should leave, if I leave at the end of November I do have to qurantine but if I leave the end of December I don’t. I don’t know who I want to spend Christmas with, (my family or his) and I’m worried I’ll be unsafe by myself back at my family home for three weeks. Another con to going in December is I don’t have to stay for as long. But I do want to see my bird Louis. She’s my emotional support animal and I miss her like crazy, I don’t know how to get her down here either.
    Im sorry if this post was all over the place, I’ve got so many thoughts rushing through my head right now and I know beyond blue always helps me out.

    Thanking you, Scar.

  2. The Bro
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    193 posts
    4 November 2021 in reply to Scarlett06

    HI there Scarlett06 and thanks for your heartfelt post!

    Yes you are wandering a bit with your options - maybe I can help just a little with your thoughts to become more positive for when you are away.

    Firstly, why are you expecting a fight with your partner - if so, over what? Guys can be insecure creatures and he may worry about who you are seeing when away, or what you are up to. One way to show him your appreciation is to place 'Post it' notes all over the place just before you leave, where he will find them gradually eg sock drawer, pants pocket, fridge etc saying how much you are missing him and love him. Be imaginative and don't hold back. Or you could actually write letters in advance an post them every second day with similar messages. Or do both! Surely that will calm him down, how could you fight after all that love?

    With your PC, make sure you lock it securely with a new password. Even back up all the contents before you go, onto a separate hard drive or to the cloud.

    This bit's important - Discuss your date options with him and be sure to tell him you are going to miss him like crazy but have to see your family and sort out your things. Don't mention Louis as your partner might think you are putting the bird before him! Getting him involved with your decision making will show him you appreciate his thoughts and value his opinion.

    I hope this helps just a little bit Scarlett06 - I am very happy to discuss at any time if you want to.

    Enjoy your trip and catching up with family and Louis!

    The Bro

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